Geocaching App Update V. 2.3

Gestern Abend kam ein neues Update für die Geocaching Software fürs iPhone raus.

Folgende Neuerungen gibt es:

-Support for the 3Gs compass has been added.
-You can auto-publish a field note to a log.
-The number of trackables in a cache is now visible on the cache list.
-A series of bugs caused some cache’s data to be lost, even if it had been saved. These bugs have been fixed.
-The difficulty and terrain ratings for caches are no longer rounded down in some cases.
-Search by Address now works for any type of address. Before, it had issues with non-U.S. addresses.

Na mal schauen, ob alles noch funktioniert oder wieder funktioniert. Bisher hatte ich aber keine Probleme mit dem App.

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